Committed to social responsibility and local impact

At GigsRemote, we feel a strong social responsibility to give back and create a positive impact in the home communities and places of origin of our freelancers. This is why we created the Special Gigs Community Fund, to collect and contribute part of our revenue to location-specific causes, events, and projects.

We’re committed to dedicating $1 out of every $100 a freelancer makes with our platform to the fund. Every year, we will determine the country/location from where most contributions come and split the funds into several pots for socially responsible events and initiatives there. Location is important because a freelancer may work and live in one country, but want their contribution to go to another.

GigsRemote will work with local municipalities and non-profit organisations to select and implement real initiatives. Any contributor from our freelance community, as well as locals from each location can participate in proposing and voting for the causes that make sense for their community.