Work is no longer somewhere you go, it is something you do

Work for trusted companies on projects that fit you and your schedule. Do it from anywhere and earn a good rate to improve your work-life balance.

A remote career is more than a dream, it’s reality with GigsRemote

A clear path to earning top rates and living according to your lifestyle preferences

  • STEP 1

    Sign Up

    Complete your profile. Undergo initial vetting.

  • STEP 2

    Engage with your first project

    Listen to customer feedback. Excel at your job.

  • STEP 3

    Attract more customers & projects.

    Earn reputation and customer references.

  • STEP 4

    Specialize in niche industries and domains.

    Become an expert in cyber security, blockchain, finance, etc.

  • STEP 5

    Become a Top Gig!

    A top consultant, earning top rates.

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The most wanted roles and skills


Product managers
Project managers

Hottest roles

Software Developer

UX/UI Designer

Business Analyst

Digital Project Manager

IT Project Manager

Agile Coach


Data Scientist


Branding Designer

Hottest technologies













React Native







Ruby on Rails








Tensor Flow


Gap analysis

Data deporting


Visual design

UI design

Flourish in a community of peers and mentors with 5+ years experience

The work-life balance you always wanted

Work from anywhere, earn extra, and live by a schedule that lets you pursue your passions

  • Gain your independence from such things as office dynamics
  • Follow a schedule you can adjust to your lifestyle and professional development
  • Enjoy full-time, half-time or part-time engagements with rates defined by you

Choose the projects that fit your pay rate and availability

  • Define your expected rate according to the type of work and engagement
  • We’ll match your profile with work without you having to bid for it
  • Earn references working on projects for international companies that fit your role, skills & passions

We’ll help you change borders if you need to

  • Legal & general help with visa process for talent from Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Ukraine, and Russia
  • Sign-up and vetting process performed while you are still at home
  • Relocation and local setup assistance

Easy first steps to a successful remote career

1. Become a member

The first step of your GigsRemote journey starts with signing up, telling us about yourself and uploading your resume (CV).

2. Enhance your profile

In order to complete your profile, upload references, certificates and set your rate expectations, as well as the skills that make you valuable.

3. Professional assessment

Our career advisors and tech experts will assess your soft and tech skills, in order to match you with the right companies.

4. Sign contract & match with clients

After screening, we will set up interviews with customers and projects that fit your tech skills, experience, rate preference, and availability.

5. Your first project

We will onboard you with all client operational specifics for your first project–timesheet management, status checks, invoice payments, etc.

A straightforward financial & legal process

  • Single contractual framework
  • Flexible initial & ongoing legal setup
  • Easy contracting & cross-border invoicing
  • Accounting services for optimal taxation

Common questions

Recruitment process

+How quickly can I get a job?

How quickly you get a job depends on your skills, seniority, rate expectations and availability. Normally, it takes from 2 weeks to 2 months.

+What does the hiring/matching process look like?

When we receive a talent request from a company, we match their skills, budget, time zone and availability requirements with our database. If your profile is an exact or close match, we will notify you without sharing your name and information with the company. In order to continue the process and reveal names, both parties have to agree to do interviews.

+What does your technical interview look like?

First, you will meet online with one of our tech professionals to assess your key skills. Then, they may assign a technical test to further evaluate your level expertise, and, if necessary, recommend additional development.

+I have significant work experience - Why should I be technically vetted?

The process of technical vetting is meant to build your profile correctly and make you stand out in a pool of talent with similar skills not question your abilities. Often people share indistinguishable job titles but in reality have different expertise. We want to understand what makes you unique so that when we offer you a project it will be a good match for you and the client. Also, we’ll support you in your career development journey and help you become a top freelancer in our community.

+What does the technical interview include?

The first step is meeting online with a tech professional from our team to assess your core skills. Then, depending on your performance, they may assign a technical test to further evaluate your level of expertise, and (if necessary) recommend additional development.


+How are you different from a regular outstaffing company?

We believe that monthly salary models used by traditional outstaffing companies are a thing of the past. Our experience shows that using a higher hourly and daily rate is much more suited for the preferences of today’s workforce. This way, you control your over/under time, as well as the project you engage with.

+Do you specialize in certain technologies and areas?

Yes. We designed our selection and execution process to focus entirely on remote IT and software development services.

+What makes you different from other freelance platforms?

Few things make us different.

Firstly, we work with a flat-fee model. There are no hidden fees or unexpected sign-up or subscription fees.

Secondly, we focus on developing a freelance community – and providing work -- for IT professionals from southeastern Europe.

Thirdly, unlike other platforms, with GigsRemote, you won’t have to bid and compete for fixed-price projects and rates. We work with a network of clients we know well.

Clients & projects

+What type of projects can I expect to work on?

You can expect to work on mid or long term projects, as well as short-term consultancy gigs for international companies.

+Do I work alone or as part of a team?

Roles can vary from project to project, but you will normally be onboarded and embedded as part of the client’s team.

+Who are your clients?

Our clients are selected international companies who espouse the highest work, ethics, communication and social responsibility standards. Most companies are located in the US and Western Europe with offices around the world.

+How does communication with the client take place?

After your match and client’s approval, you will communicate directly with your client’s teams and managers, integrated inside their environment remotely.

You will use GigsRemote to manage your timesheets, eventual disputes, as well as to give you feedback, improvement suggestions, and guarantee that payments are provided regularly.

+When can I expect to receive my first project proposals?

It depends.

Our Business Development Team starts looking for the right projects for you immediately. However, depending on your skills, experience, availability, and personal preferences – It may take up to three months to match you with the right client.

+Who are your clients?

Part of our client network are well-financed scale-ups and established product companies in western and northern Europe, and the United States.

Contribute to change in your surroundings!

GigsRemote is committed to giving back to the community. We believe there are others like us. This is why we created the opportunity for everyone to become a contributor. Every year, our community fund dedicates resources to projects focused on restoring our local environment, supporting favorite causes, educational missions, and much more.

Get away from the 9-5.

What are you waiting for?

Have the freedom to earn extra from anywhere.

Finally, I can be my own boss!

…choose my own projects.