Build a flexible workforce on demand with Eastern Europe’s finest tech talent

Hire fast the quality remote IT workers you need, and scale up and down with a contractual model that minimizes risk.

Find the right remote workers in a region brimming with IT professionals

We match you only with carefully pre-selected talent

  • Background, English & experience
  • Communication & remote-working culture
  • Soft & technical skills

GigsRemote has invested in a pre-selection process aimed at understanding more about the situation and abilities of our remote talent before we match them up to your projects. The vetting of our IT talent starts from the moment they sign up and submit their resume. It continues with a series of interviews and tests designed to evaluate each candidate’s personality, experience, and passions, as well as their soft and hard skill sets.

Quality tech work when you need it

Tackle uncertain economic times and stay on budget with flexible scaling of your IT teams

Scale up/down on-demand with low delivery risk and expensive cancellation or severance fees

Adapt to changing priorities and budget needs with an elastic workforce model

Hire experienced tech talent on demand, and leverage new perspectives and skills helping you to deploy projects faster

Infuse your core team with fresh ideas and technologies

Remote IT professionals with a high degree of expertise

Quickly build a flexible workforce around your core team without going over budget

Access a pre-selected pool of talent, ready to start on short notice at the desired capacity

Avoid heavy, time-consuming processes for hiring permanent employees

Rely on a safe and compliant service with full process transparency

Use a single contracting framework and manage all your freelancers and subcontractors with one set of Terms & Conditions

Transfer all intellectual property rights for every contractor’s work

Short and results-driven matching & hiring process

1. Contact us with details of your request

From the moment you contact us with a talent request, including roles, skills, time zone, start date, duration, etc., we will contact you within 24 hours with an offer of available resources.

2. Contractual & engagement model

After we receive your request, you will sign our terms and conditions, and then we will discuss the contractual options and engagement model that best match your particular needs and circumstances.

3. Pre-selection & video interviews

In a series of video interviews (technical interviews if needed) you will be introduced to candidates and given the opportunity to assess their personality, discuss project details and confirm their availability.

4. Onboarding & engagement of remote candidates

Once you have approved the talent, you will onboard and synchronize them with your systems, tools and process of working. You manage the tech talent, we deliver the agreed capacity.

5. Project implementation & work evaluation

After you engage GigsRemote talent, we’ll constantly update their profiles based on your feedback. This way we help them grow, upgrade their skills and deliver better results.

No fees until you hire the right fit

We ask for no upfront hiring or subscription fees. We invoice for a freelancer’s work only after you have approved their timesheet. Enjoy a two-week free trial for every mid- and long-term engagement to help you decide the right fit and to evaluate performance.

Common questions

Recruitment process

+How quickly can I start working with a remote gig professional?

If you are a first-time customer or existing one, the journey is slightly different.

If you are a first time customer, it will take about 3-4 weeks to get up and running with a remote gig professional. During this time, first-time customers sign master agreements, set up their accounting, select freelancers, and engage with the right talent.

For existing customers the process is shorter and normally takes about 2-3 weeks, since contracts are already in place and all parties are available to start.

+Is there a trial period and how long is it?

You have a 10-day trial period for every first three-month contract with a freelancer. You can cancel the contract without any charge during that period.

Exceptions to the rule are made for short-term engagements (less than a month) with senior consultants. Such contracts can be cancelled at any time without prior notice, and the tracked hours will be fully reimbursed to the freelancer.

+Where is your talent located?

GigsRemote talent is located mostly in Eastern European where the countries have traditions in innovation. Our talent is highly skilled, innovative and delivers an unmatched cost-to-quality ratio.

+How do you select your talent?

Our talent undergoes a rigorous selection process. This includes initial vetting interviews for soft skills, technical interviews and additional tech tests.

The vetting process starts after gig candidates sign up. We examine their CVs, national ID, background information from past employers and networks, as well as personal recommendations.

We conduct an initial online interview, in order to verify the freelancer’s identity, assess their communication skills, English level proficiency and general motivation to work as a remote contractor. In addition, we assess whether the person is a team or a single player, and their experience of working remotely.

We conduct online tests and technical interviews aimed at assessing their technical skills. This allows us to decide on the freelancer’s seniority and advise them on adequate fee expectations.

As a customer you will receive executive summaries from the vetting process. These will also help the further development of our freelance talent.

+What skills do you cover?

Our freelance talent have proven track records in Software Development, Project and Product Management, Quality Assurance, Data Science, Technical Writing, Design and Software Architecture.


+How are you different from an HR agency?

Firstly, an HR agency would normally take 2-4 months (including selection time, interviews, offer, notice periods, etc.) to complete a typical hiring process.

With GigsRemote the time to engage a remote freelance talent usually takes up to 2-4 weeks.

GigsRemote engages a pre-selected pool of talent ready to start on a half/full-time schedule at short notice. Traditional HR recruitment is a much more weighty process that includes resignation and employee induction cycles.

Clients & projects

+Do some of the freelance talent work elsewhere on labour contracts?

Some of our gig talents may have permanent full or half-time labour contracts with other companies. However, their time slots for additional work are prioritized and organized in such a way as to avoid any conflict. This is well documented in their profile, and visible during the selection process.

In most cases, our remote talent can start work quickly and work on half/part-time contracts.

+How do you avoid conflict of interest (e.g. freelancer working for a competitor organization)?

All our customers sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (and other agreements) with the freelance talent, as well as GigsRemote purchase orders.

Talent would normally have signed an agreement not to engage with competitors as part of their labour contract. Furthermore, during the selection process we will disclose the name of the company which the talent is working for in order to double check and avoid potential conflicts.

+If I start with a half-time engagement, can I switch to full-time later?

The short answer is Yes.

Starting with a half-time engagement gives you the chance to see if the talent is the right fight for your project and organisation. Over time, as you build up mutual trust and enjoy the results you are getting, as well as more predictability, then the next natural step may be to take your engagement to a full-time schedule.

+How many different projects and companies can a freelancer work for?

Each freelancer can work on three half-time contracts, or one full-time and one half-time contract.

Full-time exclusive projects are also possible, but contractors may want to have stronger customer commitment.

Contribute to and stimulate social responsibility!

GigsRemote is a socially responsible company committed to reinvesting a part of its revenue into creating а positive impact in the local communities and eco systems which the gig IT talent cares about.

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